Blue Dog Advertising creates customer relationships

That’s the short version of our story, but the longer version is that we partner with our clients to discover what’s different about their business–what keeps their customers coming back–and then we develop and implement campaigns that build loyalty and connect emotion to the customer brand. Because it’s not about our story–it’s about telling our client’s story.

These are some of the tools we use:

Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter)
Email Marketing (Constant Contact, MailChimp, List Development)
Web Content (Website, social media)
Media Placement (radio, television, print, outdoor)
Media Creative (radio, television, print, outdoor)
Testimonial Creation (interview, recording, editing)
Strategic Planning
Ghostwriting (books, web content)
Photographic Services (video, still)

Agency Head Karen Campbell

Agency Head Karen Campbell

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Who We Are

We’re not one of those big agencies with cubicles and fancy cappuccino machines. We have a client who does cappuccino very well, thank you, and cubicles make our feet itch.


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Blue Dog Advertising is learning new things everyday. Find the latest news here.