Today’s marketing thrives on one-to-one relationships

And whether that’s in-person in your place of business or through the internet in the virtual world. Blue Dog Advertising is all about the one-to-one.

I took the leap from mass media years ago to form a one-woman physical agency with a virtual team of specialized talent. As a Blue Dog client, you’ll save money by working one-to-one with a marketing expert who doesn’t spend your money on fancy offices or high employee salaries. At Blue Dog, we don’t own a $1000 cappuccino machine, but we do have a client who can make us a killer cup for only $4.59. We don’t waste our time on cherry conference tables or donuts for employee meetings, but we do collaborate with talented artists, video producers, web developers, and voice talent from across the nation.

With a B.A. in writing, six years of web and graphics experience, and 30 years in radio programming, sales and management, I have the skills to produce most of my clients’ print, broadcast and internet creative and the training to build successful campaigns. That’s where your savings start–combining your strategic and creative partner into one person means lower costs to you. We won’t skimp on quality, though, and when a project needs a specialist’s experience, we’ll reach out to our virtual team at our Blue Dog Advertising negotiated (and budget-saving) rates. And we’ll coordinate each specialist’s work so that it’s tactical, strategic and on-target for your brand.

The virtual agency is the modern update of the traditional agency

Your business benefits from a nationwide talent pool with local personal service. And we have a unique focus on telling your story. At Blue Dog Advertising, we don’t have cookie-cutter clients and we don’t do cookie-cutter marketing. Your business has a style and a personality. Your story isn’t like anyone else’s. So we find the emotion in every customer testimonial we produce, and we highlight your personality in every print ad.

It’s about creating relationships. And it works.

Agency Head Karen Campbell

Agency Head Karen Campbell

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